The Marathon Hotel has been open since 1871, possibly the oldest in continual operation in Canada. The gambrel roof building or “the annex” was built in the 1860s as the Marble Ridge House, and moved here in 1898 a few hundred meters from its original location at the top of the field next to Dexters Lane (then called “Marble Ridge Road”). The building farther left was Captain Pettes’ house, also moved in 1898 from Pettes Cove. The card is from 1931.

The Marathon Inn is located on the very top of Marathon Lane overlooking the North Head Harbour in Grand Manan. Marathon Lane is a hidden drive between the North Head Post Office and the seasonal Island Arts gift shop. The inn proper is made up of three large buildings joined together with covered walkways. The view of the harbour from this vantage point is spectacular. There is a large barn located behind the inn.

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